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Ready-to-wear Ruffle bun hijab plum with plum glass crystals


Loose ruffle Hijab: Gold, glass crystal detail

This beautiful party Hijab comes ready-to-wear, adjustable to be worn over neck or behind neck, high drop or low drop. the luxurious loosely ruffled bun is very elegant and simple, can be worn with a number of different outfits.

you can order this look in different variations and colours. To order:

inbox, email shehreen_hijab@hotmail.co.uk, call/text +44 7354694298 (07534694298)

please allow minimum 2 weeks per hijab order

Asian bridal hijab : traditional red bride, features bridal jewellery+headpeice+lace detail (ruffle bun in the back) dupatta is placed on top

Ivory bridal hijab

Rapunzal-ruffle bun

Net Ruffle bun

Brdial hijab Pink and blue (Readymade)

for use with lengha, available in different colours