Unique and creative hijab styling

The Hijab Cap

Never be without a cap as it holds all your hair together, up and out of the way. This way neither can hair ‘leak’ out of the edges nor can the Hijab slip off


SILK/SATIN caps: What you often find with silk caps is that they just keep slipping off! they slip backwards due to the silkyness of the hair. A way to combat this is to wear a cotton headband underneath your satin cap, this helps the cap stay in place and prevents it from slipping.


Cap COLOUR: Always make sure your cap is darker than your hijab, or the same colour, but never lighter. A lighter shade of Hijab cap will clash with the hijab. Never wear a completley contrasting Hijab cap to hijab, as this will look odd and unsightly e.g two contrasting bright colours (colours that are oppasite in the colour wheel)


Cap aftermath ‘RED-EARs’ : Many people have the tendency to wear their hijab caps very tightly over the ears, you often end up with ‘red-ears’ by the end of the day! simply fasten your hijab cap behind your ears, making sure the top just covers your hairline.



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