Unique and creative hijab styling

Hijabi tip: combat short sleeves!

Short sleeves and hijab are a big NO, as it goes against the basis of hijab (to cover EVERYTHING), so what do you do when it can’t be helped?


in cases of: Readymade outfits, English tops/dresses, (summer heat) when short sleeves become an issue what can you do?


For English tops/dresses you can:

>Always wear an under-top, a long sleeved top with a crew neck/polo neck that you can wear under your clothes, you can wear them under dresses, tops, shirts and T-shirts yet still have the complete look of your outfit without having to wear a cardigan etc. under-tops can be found anywhere, from HM to Debenhams and M&S and the cheapest of them all…. PRIMARK


>if not an under-top you can wear a small bolero type cardigan which are practically ‘pop-on-sleeves’ for all those sleevless dresses you had an issue with


see:  http://www.hm.com/gb/product/93921?article=93921-B#article=93921-C


For Asian Clothing:

>Many asian clothes come with short sleeves or transparent sleeves, you can arrange for a tailor to line the sleeves for you, or you could wear an under-top as stated above.



One response

  1. Robina begum


    I am looking for hijab in a darker shade than Fuschia.

    I need about 5 to 6 pieces. Before 15th Feb.

    Please can u let me know if u have any?

    Kind regards


    January 30, 2013 at 9:31 pm

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